February 21, 2017

Am I suitable for Contact Lenses?

Am I suitable for Contact Lenses?

If you are a reluctant glasses wearer then you are likely to have considered contact lenses as an alternative option. For some people however, the mere thought of putting something in your eyes can turn your stomach to the point that wouldn’t even consider trying them! If you are one of these people then there are a few facts about contact lenses that may help to put your mind at rest and they are as follows:
Contact lenses are not remotely painful. You may be initially aware that there is something in your eye but within 24 hours or so most people cannot even feel they are wearing them. With the invention of soft contact lenses they are designed to be comfortable and gentle on the eye.
It’s easy to get them in and out: If you decide to try contact lenses, you will be taught how to get them in and out by a contact lens practitioner. For most people learning is extremely easy and you are likely to get the hang of it within 30 minutes
Contact lenses cannot go behind your eyes: People often have this fear that contact lenses can somehow get behind your eyes and cause problems. This is absolutely not the case so you need not worry!

As to whether or not you are likely to be suitable the chances are you will be. Approximately 95% of people are suitable for contact lens wear, so you should have every confidence that you will be. The most common reasons for not being suitable are as follows:

Dry eyes: This is especially true in women over the age of 50 as their eyes tend to naturally dry out. Having said this, even if you have dry eyes you may be suitable to wear contact lenses just not 12 hours a day 7 days a week.
Infection: Any infection no matter how mild will need to be treated before you commence wearing contact lenses.
Environment: If you work in dusty and dirty environment contact lens wear can be a problem as the lenses can become irritable.
Astigmatism: This is a type of prescription and if it is very severe contact lens wear may be difficult although not impossible. People with high astigmatism often find that they can see better in glasses than contact lenses.
Allergy to contact lenses: Occasionally some people just do not get on with contact lenses as they find they irritate them. It is thought that such people may have a slight allergy to one of the compounds that contact lenses are made from.

What happens if I am not suitable for contact lenses?
If you are not suitable for contact lenses but are still keen not to wear glasses, then laser eye surgery is you’re only other alternative. Laser eye surgery is obviously a lot more expensive than contact lenses but it does offer a permanent solution (most of the time) to your visual problems. The price of laser eye surgery does vary from clinic to clinic and depending on what treatment you are having, so you will need to book in for consultation to get an accurate price. Laser eye surgery is now as accurate as it ever has been and at an all time low are at an all-time low.

In summary contact lenses are a fantastic alternative to glasses and you will most likely be suitable for them. Just remember they are not painful and easy to insert and remove so you have nothing to fear! If you really can’t get on with contact lenses then laser eye surgery is an expensive but viable alternative. Good luck!

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