February 21, 2017

Alternative Healing and Modern Medicine

Healing heartAlternative Healing and Modern Medicine

Modern medicine is becoming increasingly effective at treating our ailments and increasing our life spans. The medical community introduces new surgical techniques, drugs and therapies almost daily. People are living longer and more comfortably than ever before.

Bio medicine, stem cells and emerging technologies all hold great promise.

However, there is one area where our highly effective medical community fails. That area lies in healing patients after all of the wonderful modern technology has been applied. Again and again I’ve heard doctors say, “I’ve done all I can. Now it’s up to time and the body to heal itself.”

The Body Must Heal Itself

The same body that has just been subjected to a debilitating illness, invasive surgery and drugs with numerous side effects is asked to heal itself. It’s in a very weakened condition. It’s subject to the additional strain of being in a hospital environment. How can it possibly be effective at healing itself?

Very often doctors and hospitals have done an amazingly good job of repairing a person’s physical body, but the person fails to make a full recovery, or she dies in spite of all the effort and expenditure invested in saving her.

Often the problem is that the patient’s energy system has become too rundown and damaged to possess sufficient reserves to heal her physical body.  The life force energy is gone.

A good, knowledgeable healer can dramatically shorten recovery times, and even bring patients back from the brink of death, by simply filling them up with life force energy. With the energy it needs, the body’s natural healing processes kick in. What seems like a miracle happens. The patient not only survives, but recovers completely and is able to leave the hospital very quickly.

Fortunately, increasing numbers of medical professionals are rapidly becoming aware of the life saving benefits of alternative healing.

Changing Attitudes

Energy healing used to be regarded with great skepticism. It was even condemned as being “voodoo” or “witchcraft.”

In recent decades, society in general has become much more knowledgeable about alternative lifestyles. Nearly everyone knows a Reiki practitioner, yoga teacher or meditation instructor. Many people actively seek out herbal remedies and healing energy treatments.

As the public has become more accepting, the officially conservative medical community has more and more members who are quietly using healing techniques to complement their classical training. However, fear of lawsuits makes most professionals use healing energy very quietly, often without the knowledge of their patients.

Our Personal Experience

Shaktipat MeditationMy wife and I have been practicing the use of healing energy and teaching it together for nearly fifteen years. Remedia was born a shaman in the Wari-Wari Tribe inhabiting the Central Philippines. Her Grandma Pombai began teaching Remedia healing work as a child. I started my own practice when I met Remedia.

Over the years, we’ve noticed a steady increase in medical professionals attending our workshops and, more often, private sessions. We’ve worked with an orthopedic surgeon, an oncologist, a heart surgeon, several general practitioners, numerous psychologists and many nurses and physical therapists.

They usually become interested after witnessing a dramatic recovery or through a family member.

The orthopedic surgeon’s wife brought their small son to us after a relative told her about our work. The little boy was complaining about seeing “red things” in their home attacking his grandmother. He could see them clearly. He often pointed them out to other family members, but they could see nothing. The child had become so disturbed that he was waking up crying every night.

We did a healing for him and a distance clearing for their house. He slept well for a few days, but the “red things” soon returned. His mother took a course to learn how to do the healing, cleansing and protection work herself, and their situation improved.

The surgeon then came for a private session. He politely wanted to know what kind of hocus pocus we were using on his family. We were delighted by the look of amazement on his face when he actually experienced powerful healing energy coming out of his own hands.

His family then invited us to their conservative Muslim home for dinner and to teach the grandmother how to heal. When we did a guided meditation/initiation to The Source, she exclaimed in surprise, “That’s Allah!”

We agreed wholeheartedly. The most powerful healing energies do come directly from God.

The oncologist came because he was suffering under a huge load of guilt and frustration over being unable to prevent so many of his patients from dying. He could readily observe the amazing benefits of healing energy work, but, sadly, he was unable to overcome the conditioning of his conservative training and learn how to use it himself.

One of the general practitioners invited us to his home for dinner. A man he was treating for chronic fatigue syndrome had made a dramatic recovery after seeing us. Both the doctor’s children were in medical school. They wanted to know what we had done.

During the well prepared meal, the doctor kept receiving phone calls. Each one left him looking more worried. Finally, I asked him what was wrong.

“My best friend from childhood is in the hospital several hundred miles away with a heart attack. It looks very bad for him. He’s unconscious and his family has gathered around his bed to say goodbye.”

“Do you have a picture of him?” Remedia asked gently.

We worked intently for about twenty minutes, using the man’s photograph to connect to him.

The phone rang again.

“He’s sitting up! He can talk again!” the doctor reported.

His friend left the hospital the next day. The doctor started taking us to the intensive care unit of the local hospital to work on his patients. His daughter took our courses and became a healer.

A Call To Action!

We’ve heard many even more astounding stories of successful healing work from other practitioners, but it will still be a long time before healing energy work is completely accepted. Large health care providers, insurance companies and the legal profession all have reasons to ignore it.

The quiet revolution of healing is very much a grassroots movement of individuals who have experienced the amazing benefits of the energy themselves. You can join this life saving movement by taking a course at your local holistic center. The life you save may be your own.

Richard CrownRichard Crown’s Bio

Richard Crown And Shaman Remedia have been teaching healing together for fifteen years. You can download free ebooks, take a meditation course o receive distance healing at Shaktipat-meditation.org

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