February 16, 2017

Activities to Increase Mobility as You Age

Activities for ElderlyAre you finding it harder and harder to get around as you get older? Join the club! The good news is that having limited mobility should not keep you from being active. There are many ways to be active, exercise is critical to maintaining your heath as you age.

If you’re having issues with mobility, no one is going to ask you to run a marathon, but there are a lot of low impact exercises that will benefit you. The key is to make sure you take it slow and pace the intensity of the workout, so you prevent any injury.

Below is a list of low impact exercises that will help you remain healthy:


Go for a swim, you get a full body workout and it causes minimal stress on your joints. Whether it is swimming laps, treading water, or taking an aqua aerobics class, hopping in the pool is one path to maintaining your health and mitigating any chance of injury. The other thing about swimming, is that it is really fun and in a class environment you can really have a great time, while improving your health.


Increasing your flexibility through stretching provides multiple benefits, such as increasing your flexibility, reducing the risk of sprains to your joints, muscles and back. It also improves your mobility as well. Take a Yoga or Tai Chi class to learn fun, safe and efficient ways to stretch and improve your balance, which is really critical to prevent any injury from falling.

Stationary Bike Machine (Stand up or Recumbent)

Another low impact, but highly beneficial activity is using a bike machine for 10 to 15 minutes daily. It will improve mobility in your lower extremities, but also increase your aerobic health. Probably the single most prevalent type of exercise equipment, these are in every single gym, but are quite affordable as well.


Going for a nice walk in the morning, not only is a great way to begin the day, but has a multitude of health benefits. Certainly the most prescribed and popular low mobility exercise for you to do, walking increases your heart rate and burns calories, which has a tremendous benefit to your overall health.

No one is going to ask us to climb Mount Everest as we get older, but getting out and going for a walk, stretch, bike ride all will improve your health, your quality of life and decrease the chances of injury. There are a plethora of other exercises that can also provide the same benefits as the ones listed above. Many community centers and gyms have programs and classes that are tailored to a variety of people’s needs and desires. Go out and join one! Not only can you improve your health, but it is a great opportunity to learn something new and meet new people.  We’re getting better, not older. Let’s get out and get some exercises. Even if we can’t do what we used to do, there are a ton of opportunities to do other things that are fun and can really have a tremendously beneficial impact on our day to day lives.

Wilbur Reed is a writer for all things senior.  His speciality is Houston senior homes.

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