February 21, 2017

A Guide to Weight Loss for Working Professionals

Careers can get in the way of many things; family time, social life, holidays and losing weight. For those of us who are working professionals, our days are usually long and busy. Consisting of numerous meetings, tasks and other errands to run. Not to forget that once we’ve finished yet another day at the office, we still have to commute home, cook dinner, spend time with the family and prepare for work the next day. This can often result in little time left for exercising, and as a result our body’s take the toll.

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We all know the benefits of regular exercise; the reduced risk of coronary heart disease, diabetes and other health issues. But exercise can also stop us from feeling so lethargic, and give us that energetic boost we need at the start of each day.

Your body is important, you only get one and you need to take good care of it. Not having enough time to exercise because of work is just an ‘excuse’. There are 24 hours in day, and I’m pretty sure no one works every hour. I’m going to give you a few tips to show you that following an exercise routine doesn’t mean 2 hours sweating at the gym every night after work. It can be done in a time friendly manner,¬†maximizing¬†it’s productivity and results.

Create a plan

If you’re tight on time the last thing you want to be doing is standing aimlessly in the gym thinking about what to do next. Create a 4 week plan, or get a fitness professional to do so if you’re not sure, and stick to it. Know what you’re doing in the gym each day, this means exercises, reps, sets, weight lifted, rest periods; get in and get out. Theres no need to wonder around thinking ‘what should I do today?’, each session should be no longer than 30-45 minutes, keep it high intensity and focus.

Eat right

Are you a working professional who struggles with their weight? Don’t worry you’re not alone. Too many people rely on quick, microwavable meals that are packed full of saturated fats and other ‘bad’ ingredients. I know finding time to shop and cook a healthy meal can be difficult. Why not cook up a number of healthy meals over the weekend then split them up into small containers and freeze them for use during the week? Or better yet, sign up to a diet delivery service that offers quick, healthy foods.

Maximize your training time

If you really don’t have time to leave the office for the gym, then bring the gym to you. An effective exercise routine doesn’t always mean lots of bulky equipment and expensive health club memberships. Bodyweight exercises are still one of the most effective at building muscle, which leads to an increased metabolism that can has massive advantages when trying to loose weight. In most major cities, you can even get personal trainers to come directly to your office, running you through a great routine right then and there.

Author Bio: Tanya is a personal trainer and proud mother of three who writes for MyFood.co.uk.

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