February 16, 2017

8 Simple Techniques For a Positive Mental Attitude!

Positive Mental Attitude

Positive mental attitudeDeveloping a positive mental attitude is not something that will happen in an instant, it will take time and practice to develop the skills needed to nurture and reinforce a positive state of mind. But once you master these techniques you and your life will be much more rich and fulfilled. So let us get started then shall we!

1)  Take Action!

Rather than dwelling on all the bad things that have happened to you, or worrying about what might happen. Start to take positive steps to change what it is that you are concerned about. If you feel you can not change something because it may be out of your hands, then start to tackle other areas in your life that you can change.

2)  Be Thankful

When we are feeling like life is against us we tend to dwell on all the negative things that have held us back or disrupted our lives in some way. Instead of concentrating on the negatives, start looking around you and being thankful for the good things you do have in your life. This is a really good way to turn a negative attitude into a positive one.

3)  Do not Judge Other People

Let’s face it, everyone judges other people. They judge what they wear, how they look,what they do for a living, what house they live in and even what area of the city they live in. People use this information to decide what type category that person should be in. All this will do in the long run is eat away at you, and you will end up a bitter person. Try not to judge other people, everyone is different and entitled to be who they want to be, you will find that your outlook on life will improve because of it.

4)  Laugh!

Laughter is the best medicine! Having a sense of humour and laughing will make you feel better and put you in a positive mood pretty quickly,so always take every opportunity to laugh at life.

5)  Switch off Negative Thoughts

The best way to turn of negative thoughts is to try to find some kind of trigger or switch, so that anytime you start thinking negatively you can just pull the trigger and the negativity will just fade away! You can do this in any way that works for you, for example you could imagine a big red stop sign or maybe say a word out loud. Whatever trigger you use understand that you will need to work on it for this technique to work effectively.

6)  Use Self Talk to Enforce Positive Thinking

Saying positive things to yourself is a really effective way to increase your positive thoughts. You may feel a little bit foolish when you first try this method, but trust me this is a really good way to change the way you think for the better! All you have to do to start is to look at yourself in the mirror and say some nice positive things to your self. You may find it quite difficult and even a little embarrassing at first, but stick with it and you will find you can do it quite easily.

7)  Be Happy With Yourself

Most people will always tend to dwell on their failures rather than any good things they might have done in their lives. Instead of kicking yourself because you may have got something wrong, think of it as a learning experience and concentrate on something that you have done well, it does not matter how long ago it was just that you did a good job. We all make mistakes from time to time, but that is how we learn and how we grow. So do not let any past or present mishaps ruin your positive frame of mind.

8)  Clear Your Mind

After a busy day our minds can end up going around and around in circles and it feels like our heads are crammed up full with things we need to do and things we want to get done. Just take some time out to clear your mind of clutter. You can do this by exercise or maybe just something simple like having a nice relaxing bath. Whatever way you like to take time out and relax will help you to clear your mind of those jumbled thoughts so that you can start the next day more relaxed and ready to tackle anything!

Try and do all of these techniques for helping you to develop a positive attitude. You can just start with one or two and then add to them over a period of a few weeks. Once you do this you will notice that you will feel better about yourself and also more optimistic about your future too.


  1. I use feng shui to keep a balanced life and attitude! I found it so helpful to create space in my life and life more simply. I think sometimes today we get so caught up in materials and speed, feng shui really helps me and my family to deal with this!


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