February 21, 2017

6 Tips to Sleep Well at Night

From the title alone, you might think that this is one crappy article.  Those of you who don’t have problems in sleeping will probably say that.  Sleep comes easily to many people.  However, a number of us find it hard to sleep soundly at night.  This is, unfortunately, a serious matter that should not be taken lightly as it causes detrimental effects on your health.

Stress, depression, and memory loss are just three of the many effects of lack of sleep.  Sadly, no amount of tossing and turning can save you.  To avoid those problems, you might want to apply the steps below:

  1. Relax. You will not fall asleep if you go to bed after a stressful activity.  Cool down a bit.  You can stretch or drink tea to calm your mind and body.  Put all your worries aside as well.

Keep your mind off anything that stresses you out.  Do not watch the evening news. Listening or watching horrific news will only make you anxious and restless at night.

If you have anything that’s bothering you right now, write them down and put them inside a box near your bed.  Listen to soothing music (or white noise may do).  You can even meditate if you want to.  Taking a shower helps as well.  Do anything that best relaxes you.

  1. Eat early. Dine three hours before you hit the sack.  If you drink coffee, you might want to stop your caffeine intake after 3 in the afternoon.  Try drinking milk too if you want something for your stomach before going to bed.
  2. Avoid naps in the afternoon. Napping in the afternoon will make it difficult for you to sleep at night.  If you really need to sleep, do that before 2 in the afternoon for less than 30 minutes.  This short power nap will do to recharge you during work hours.
  3. Establish a nightly routine. Set a sleeping time and make sure that you stick to the bed time every night.  This will help your body sleep and rest well.
  4. Avoid liquids and alcohol. You might think that alcohol is very helpful but it, actually, DOES NOT help.  It does not give you a quality sleep.  Instead of waking up refreshed and vibrant the next day, you end up feeling heavy and groggy.  Excessive liquid will wake you up in the middle of night.  So if you don’t want to wake up just to pee, avoid drinking before bedtime.
  5. Make your room conducive for sleeping. Make your room temperature not too hot nor too cold.  Pull your shades so that the room is dark.  Fix your bed and pick a bedding that’s just right.  It should not be too hard nor too soft so that your back has the right support.

If all else fails, consult your physician or sleep doctor as there may be underlying problems that cause this.  Ask your health professional before doing any activity or taking medication.  Good luck with that!




Author’s bio: Marcy Gray is health enthusiast who writes about everything she has learned and experienced. In addition to her health experience, she also writes about other topis such as Baby Shower Decoration Ideas and Air purifier and cleaner.


  1. I do really have a problem with this specially that I work on shifts. Sometimes I feel like sp sleepy in days than in nights..

  2. hi ana.. i do have insomnia, these tips are very useful, i think i start with drinking chamomile tea.
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