February 21, 2017

6 Natural Ways to Keep Oneself Happy

Depression is a state of unhappiness. It is a very dangerous situation since chronic depression can lead to mental disorders and even low self-esteem that could drive people towards suicide. It is true that people have different ways of responding to negative situations. There are some who find it so easy to just shrug off negative situations, stand up like nothing happened, dust off the negative experience and move on. However, there are also people who are unable to let go easily. There are tons of advices on how to help you break that negative thought. But if you just need some assurances, then here are natural ways to keep yourself happy.

Surround yourself with positive people

Violence begets violence. Happiness begets happiness. This is the rule of life that we all should remember. There is nothing that can influence how you think than your peers. The truth is that thoughts are contagious. If you are with people that have negative thoughts you tend to think the same way. Avoid the kind of people that would only remind you how depressed you are. Find people that would at least make you smile and help you forget what bothers you even for a few minutes. You will be amazed at the amount of relief that you can get out from this experience.

Knowing your emotional cycle

Life is a roller coaster some philosopher used to say. There are days that can make you feel down while there are days that you feel you can be king of the world. Most of the time, your emotional state is in between these low and high points. If you know how the pattern works then you are able to adjust to what the situation offers you. It pays to know that the dreadful feeling you are experiencing will pass and it will surely comfort you immediately.

Reflect at your awesomeness

Many people think that they are awesome until they come crashing down. Don’t let that one thing which ruined the party for you will debilitate you for the rest of your life. Remember you were an awesome guy or gal before and you can revive that today and in the future. Take a few moments of your time to reflect on how you did a great job before. Use it as a motivation to move on and fight adversities. In no time, you will be so pumped up and ready to take on the world.

Focus on appreciating the little things

It is only human nature for people to neglect the little positive things that happen because they are too depressed to notice it. However, these small positive things are the only ones that matter in life. The problem with humans is that they neglect to see the bigger picture and keep on noticing the small speck and instead start making mountains out of molehills. Start appreciating the little things now and you will be amazed how awesome life could be.

Try a change of locality

If you are being drowned by the memories of dread due to the locality why not go out and seek different scenery. Environment plays an important part in fueling depression. The stress of seeing the things that would remind you of that unfortunate episode that caused you to be unhappy can be a disaster. This can be dangerous because it only pushed you to the ledge and until you can’t stand it anymore there is no telling what might happen. It does not need to be a radical change. Try rearranging the furniture so that it would not remind you much about the past.

Take a long walks

Sometime it takes a moment on your own to rearrange things for the better. Try waking up early in the morning during weekdays or weekends and start going for long walks on your own. This will help you have enough time to contemplate and focus more on what really matters the most in your life.

Life is not all a bed of roses. It may sound a cliché but that’s the truth. The best way to become happy is to stop being unhappy. Depression is a state of mind and you can easily alter it for the better. Start by mopping out the things that make you unhappy and move forward. It is best to consult a medical health professional if you feel you need help.


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