February 21, 2017

5 Therapeutic Benefits of Massage Therapy

Did you know that massage therapy not only feels good but also it provides a plethora of therapeutic benefits to your body as well?  In Newsweek Magazine, an article entitled, “Five Surprising Benefits of Massage,” related that today we are rediscovering the benefits of massage while “the Chinese have been using massage for all kinds of medical conditions for centuries.”  The benefits that arise from an exceptional massage can enhance your health and well-being and help to prepare you for whatever challenge that lies ahead.  Let’s explore the therapeutic advantages that you can experience with a good massage.

Waterfall massage woman

Benefit #1-Massages release chemicals that affect your entire body.  If you have a problem area that needs attention, the therapist will address this set of muscles as well as other areas that impact the performance of this area of your body.  As the massage is being given, chemicals are released that reduce your pain and stress levels all over your body.  A well-trained therapist will know the areas that need attention as soon as they begin massaging your muscles; stress and strain will become apparent to these experienced hands.

Benefit #2-Reduce your stress levels and boost your immune system.  These two areas impact your health and well-being more than you know.  Stress can cause your muscles to knot up and become painful to the touch.  It also releases cortisol which reduces your body’s ability to fight off diseases effectively.  By making regular visits to your massage therapist, you’ll keep your levels of stress down and your immune system working effectively to ward off illness that keeps you from your normal pace of life.

Benefit #3-Control your blood pressure.  Massage therapy reduces your hypertension which keeps your blood pressure at its normal level.  By stimulating receptors, the vagus nerve that controls your blood pressure is impacted and goes into action to keep the blood pumping throughout your system at acceptable levels.

Benefit #4-Massage therapy treats the largest organ in your body—your skin.  The type of massage that your therapist performs is not as important as the amount of pressure that is placed on your skin.  A well-trained professional knows just the right amount of indentation to have in the problem areas so that healing can occur.  The therapist will also know effective oils to use to help make the pressure more effective and gentle to your skin.

Benefit #5-Have more restful and peaceful sleep.  As you are receiving your massage, you might notice an inclination to drift off to sleep.  This is your brain producing chemicals that induce relaxation and a peaceful sleep.  If you’re having trouble sleeping, you should schedule a massage so that your heart rate can be slowed, your blood pressure reduced, and your sleep patterns improved.

From being rested and relaxed on one of the latest massage tables to feeling relief from the pain that you have been enduring, a massage will be an effective way to improve your physical and mental condition.

Taking advantage of the therapeutic benefits of massage will be your first step toward a renewed and rejuvenated you.


  1. I knew that massages help reduce stress, but I never knew that they “release chemicals that affect your entire body”! I also didn’t know that they help control your blood pressure. Now that I’ve read all of these benefits, I think I’d like to schedule a massage as soon as possible!

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