February 16, 2017

5 Great Styles of Womens Shapewear

Most women only associate the concept of shapewear with frumpy, girdle-like underwear.  However, today, the styles and shapes of these garments span across nearly every category of clothes.  While traditional nude colors are still available, there are also many more, much sexier designs.  To help you find the womens shapewear you need for every occasion, here’s a list of five popular categories of these miracle-workers.

1. Bras: When it comes to bras, shapewear encompasses many different meanings.  For some women, this could be a bust enhancing garment, for others, it may be for the purpose of minimizing the chest.  No matter what you are looking for, shapewear bras are designed to provide comfort, coverage and support for your body.  These bras are also created to help smooth any bulges you may have in the chest or back area, so your clothes fall just the way you want.

2. Active wear: Many women who want to lose weight end up avoiding the gym altogether because they feel self conscious about their bodies.  To help women look and feel the way they want, womens shapewear now includes attire such as yoga pants, tank tops and t shirts.  All of these garments are designed with the same unique technology of the original shapewear garments that help create a smoother, slimmer look for your body.

3. Swimwear: Getting into a bathing suit can be a very daunting experience for some women.  Fortunately, with the slimming power of shapewear swimsuits you’ll never feel like skipping out on that beach or pool trip again.  Styles include one pieces, tankinis, and two pieces and each help to define the waist, slim the tummy and minimize hips.

4. Day to Day Attire: As you can already see, womens shapewear is no longer limited to being worn under the clothes.  There are now several different lines of shapewear designed for everyday wear.  Skirts, blouses, pants and dresses give you options that can be worn to work or out on the town.  With this type of shapewear you get the same slimming effect but in a stylish outfit without having to wear an extra piece of clothing underneath.

5. The Classic Undergarments: Womens shapewear underwear are still the most popular style.  The options available in this category continue to expand and improve as well.  Depending on what area you are trying to control, you can choose from a wide variety of options.  Thigh trimmers, tummy tamers, butt boosters, and more.  If you want to go for an allover smoothing affect, full body shapers cover you from chest to calves.


  1. I recently had to start wearing shapewear when I wear tighter fitting clothes, and I love it! Everything looks smoother and just better. I have found a few brands I like and I am really looking forward to trying Skweez Couture when it comes out in the fall. Everything I have seen from the line is very classic looking and pretty, so I am really excited to see it.

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