February 21, 2017

4 Ways To Improve Your Health While Helping the Environment

There are many ways in which we can improve our health and our environment, however when we find the ability to do both at the same time, it is hard to find the negatives. Here are some ways you can not only be on the track to a better you, but you will also be preserving our environment for all of those who will come after:

Blurry bike in spring forest (panorama)

Shade Your Yard

According to American Forests, trees remove carbon dioxide emissions through its life span. Shading your yard can also reduce temperatures in your home throughout the summer months while providing warmth throughout the colder winter months. This benefits you by cutting your energy use in a major way. Using these trees to cut back on energy is great for the environment as well as your financial health, but on those summer days where you are craving a little Vitamin D, the shaded area will prevent sun damage, reducing wrinkles and your chances of being diagnosed with skin cancer.

This disease, while treatable can leave ugly scars and if it goes untreated can spread and end up proving to be fatal. According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, of 26,000 women who are diagnosed every year, 3,000 of them end up with fatal results. If you have planted trees, but they seem to be struggling it may be time to call the professionals – a company like  TruGreen Lawn Care – to take care of the problem before you lose the tree, or worse, it spreads disease to another tree in your yard. The professionals know exactly what causes most diseases in your trees and they have treatment plans to keep them safe from similar issues in the future.

Pick Up a Shovel and Start Gardening

It is pretty common knowledge that fruits and vegetables are a healthier choice than the slice of pizza you really want to put into your body. Growing the fruits and veggies yourself with assure that you are getting the freshest and arguably the healthiest foods possible. According to the American Journal of Public Health, gardeners eat more fruits and vegetables than those don’t spend their time on a home garden.

The health benefits go beyond your calorie intake; those who work in the garden regularly are exercising in the process, thus maintaining an overall healthier lifestyle.

Gardeners are also adding more plants to the world, which helps convert carbon into oxygen. This will – in return – aid in the prevention of climate change.

Invest in a Bike

I am not talking about a motorcycle; I mean a bicycle. While I do understand the draw to the motorized vehicle on two wheels. I am talking an actually bicycle. The kind you pedal with your feet and brake with your hands.

Change your driving habits. Short trips to the store or even to work on your bicycle improve your overall health and leave you feeling great. This will also help to rid the environment of the gas and carbon dioxide that it takes to travel by car.

If you are not the biking kind, that’s okay, walking has a similar effect. Anytime you can leave your car at home is a positive for everyone involved. We have become entirely too dependent on vehicles and our environment has suffered the consequences.

Rid Your Life of Bottled Water

It has come to the forefront that bottled water contains chemical contaminants. This has raised concern about drinking from plastic bottles. Buying a reusable stainless steel bottle will help you to stay healthy while always having that nice cold water when you need it. A stainless steel bottle serves to cool beverages as well as keep the warm for you coffee drinkers. This is a great investment that will improve your overall health.

Think about the amount of plastic is wasted through bottles of water. This is a waste of money and unless every single bottle is recycled (highly unlikely) then it is also bad for our environment. In fact, even bottles that are recycled are still damaging the environment from the harmful toxins they give off during the recycling process.

Neither your health nor the environment should be taken lightly. Following these steps will help you to create daily habits that will aid our society in finding a balance between human and nature.

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