February 21, 2017

4 Reasons Why Healthcare Degrees Rock

Getting a healthcare degree takes a lot of work and dedication, but in the end it will be worth it. A person with a healthcare degree will be afforded to opportunity to truly make a difference in someone’s life. They will have the opportunity to change that life for the better and enrich their own lives and experiences in the process. The healthcare field is one of the most diverse and dynamic job sectors in the country, and there are millions of reasons why students should really consider getting into consider getting into healthcare education and pursuing a degree, but here are four of the largest reasons why they should:Healtcare degree

1. Demand is skyrocketing

No matter what kind of studies you are in, as long as it is under the healthcare umbrella, you will most likely have a job waiting for you- if not two or three job offers. The demand for healthcare workers is at an all time high, and the demand will only keep growing well into the future thanks to the Baby Boomers. Most college graduates these days will be lucky if they can even find a job in their desired field, but that is not a worry for most healthcare graduates who are entering the workplace for the first time.

2. Show me the money

Not only are healthcare workers in huge demand, but they also get paid a pretty penny in the process. So, not only will you have stability in your job, but you will also have stability in your finances. For people that may only have an associate’s degree, there earning potential in the healthcare field is usually anywhere from $80,000 to $100,000 a year, which is not too shabby for a two-year degree. The higher the degree, the higher the potential salary, so you do the math and figure out whether or not your degree will pay for itself- the answer is most likely “yes,” and perhaps it will even pay for itself a few times over.

3. Choices a plenty

The healthcare field offers a versatile and diverse range of jobs- a much bigger range than most other career fields, to be sure. There is a job for anyone in the field, whether your prefer to work with people face to face, whether you enjoy the analytical side of things, or whether you just enjoy working in a lab by yourself- all of these jobs and more are available in the healthcare and field, and while some jobs are in more demand than others, there is likely still a demand across all fields.

4. Movin’ on up

The healthcare field offers an upward mobility that most career fields would die for. A person can work the lowest ranking job and move up to the highest ranking job in years, which most cannot say. In fact, most people enjoy the health care field so much that they stick with it, and thus just keep moving on up the healthcare ladder.

Alicia currently works in a hospital and is studying hard towards her master of health administration which she should get at the end of this year.

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