February 15, 2017

4 Benefits of Vegetable Smoothies

When it comes to the energy that our bodies have, it’s clear that a good amount of it is utilized for digestion. Upon taking different foods into our regimens, our bodies are going to have to work hard in order to make sure that all of the nutrients are attained. This is one of the reasons why many food-lovers have taken to vegetable smoothies, taking in not only veggies but fruit as well into a liquefied form for the sake of easier digestion.

Artichoke flower


If you think that this is the only benefit to consider, though, you’d be wrong. Here are 5 benefits that you can take advantage of when it comes to vegetable smoothies.

1. The Nutrients

As one can probably imagine, fruit and vegetables alike are packed with vitamins and minerals designed for the purpose of better health. However, it may be hard to take in all of the products that one might deem as necessary. Who is going to have time, through a single day, to eat a single carrot before going into a radish and then so on? However, with smoothies being made with these products, you will be able to attain everything in one convenient form. Whether it’s the vitamin A that’s prominent in spinach or the vitamin C seen in oranges, you stand a good chance of attaining it all.

2. No Milk Necessary

When you think of the ingredients that a conventional smoothie would have, milk will most likely be one of the first items listed. However, what if you are someone who is either vegetarian or, at the very least, attempting to cut down on dairy in general? Vegetable smoothies are great for this purpose as they do not contain milk, yogurt, or what have you. All you have to be concerned with is the types of produce used and how much of each type will be integrated. To put it simply, if you are looking for one of the best additions to a meatless diet, it’s hard to go wrong with vegetable smoothies.

3. Fuller Feeling

Did you ever notice that, after eating a very vegetable-laden meal, you feel much fuller after the fact? This is especially true in the case of spinach, which should be one of the first ingredients you bring into your veggie smoothie. The Times of India reported on the matter, stating that green vegetables, in general, are able to help bring a fuller feeling to the surface. Many products in this category – not only spinach but broccoli and asparagus, just to name a couple – have lower calorie counts. What this means is that the body can use their high fiber content, which medical authorities like Gabriel Pediatrics can bring attention to, in order to keep the body satiated for longer.

4. More Energy

As stated before in step one, since vegetables are easier to digest than heavier foods like animal products, energy will be more on your side. However, only until you’ve stayed this course for a good amount of time will you be able to see just how much it can benefit you. Since you are gaining all of the nutrients your body needs without it having to put forth too much energy for digestion purposes, that unused energy can then be utilized for other purposes. Whether it’s getting work around the house done or keeping up with your kids, there’s no doubt that energy is most of the prominent aspects to consider with vegetable smoothies.

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