February 24, 2017

3 Surprising Tips on How to Have a Healthy Skin

The battle in keeping our skin, hair, and nails healthy is never ending. Having a sagging and rough skin, spots on your face and a dry face itself, nails that are brittle, we’re so sure that these things affect your self-esteem and these may also be your greatest insecurities. Of course, everyone loves to be confident on how he or she looks.

girl with nice face skin

But, before you head to the nearest supermarket to buy the new product advertised on the television and before you rub that moisturizer that you bought yesterday into your face, stop right there. Kindly take a look at this easy yet efficient list for you to change your usual routine (which apparently are wrong beliefs) to enhance your natural beauty.


Put on your moisturizer right away after drying your face

It is important for you to know that moisturizers don’t bring back moisture to your skin, we’re sorry, but that’s a hoax. What it does is it entraps water in your face and skin by stopping it from evaporating. As what the American Academy of Dermatology says, you should apply the moisturizer within three minutes after you wash your face.

Here’s another thing that you need to know: Drinking a lot of water is not enough to moisturize your skin and face. We cannot deny the fact that the water you take will be distributed to several organs first before it reaches your skin.


Sleep on your back

What creates dark circles and makes our eyes puffy is when we bury our faces in our pillows especially when we sleep on our stomach and when we sleep on our side.

sleep on back

If you think the problem is within your beds or sofa beds at home, it would be best for you to replace them into mattresses that are firmer than what you currently have. What you have to do is to get yourself used to sleep with your back laid on the bed and raise your head using your pillows.


Have at least seven hours of sleep

There are people whose skin becomes yellowish, and their eyes become puffy when they don’t get enough sleep.

girl sleeping in the bed

A study conducted by the University Hospitals Case Medical Center says that those who don’t acquire enough hours of sleep are proven to be prone to some skin issues and their skin age faster than normal (up to fifty percent quicker than those who get an adequate amount of sleep).

Those who don’t get enough amount of sleep are also more likely prone to fine lines, uneven skin pigmentation, an increase of moisture loss and slower sunburn recovery.



Your daily activities affect the health of your skin, nails and your hair. That is why it is pretty important that we should be mindful of our day-to-day tasks. You, getting enough sleep is one of the essentials. By getting an adequate amount of sleep, all of your organs revitalize and energize. Beauty rest is indeed real.

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Rachel Minahan is an interior designer, blogger, and editor by profession. She is also an active advocate of sleep and holistic health and wellness. If she’s not on her desk, she’s out in the sun playing with her pet ferret, Goliath.

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