February 20, 2017

3 Scenarios Where You Would Need a Water Filter System

Scenarios Where You Would Need a Water Filter System

If your water is laden with chlorine or full of minerals that make it “hard” in composition, you might want to start looking for a water filter. The types that can save you money and produce great water, while skipping harmful chemical processes, are whole house water filters systems. For nearly any scenario in which you would need to use water, the best whole house water filter will edge out any competing sources of water, with or without filtering.


Scenario #1: You Want Shiny, Manageable Hair & Skin

Although municipal water typically provides those in towns and cities with water that is technically safe to use, it doesn’t always smell or taste the best. Chlorine and other additives can wreak havoc when you are washing your hair or face with it, and it doesn’t taste too great when you are brushing your teeth, either. Whole house water filtration cleans your water at the source, in a huge tank. All water that passes into your home will first pass through this filtration system when you have it in place. The filtration system uses natural means to clean your water—keeping in the beneficial minerals, while stripping away the chlorine and other additives that you don’t need. This will leave you with naturally pure water that will help you get cleaner, while protecting your skin and hair.


Scenario #2: You Want Delicious Water Without Wasting Money on Bottled Varieties

What if you could save $10-$20 each week on groceries and still have delicious, clean water to use day and night, at the gym, at work, and while relaxing at home? This is possible with whole house water filters systems. Bottled water is typically filtered, which is why it tastes so great. Whole home filtration uses coconut shell and carbon (natural) filtration methods to give you crystal clear water, so it’s just as good as the bottled stuff, and often even better. By using a refillable water bottle, you can get the same delicious water from any sink in your house and tote it along with you throughout your day. All you need to invest in is the filtration system, which should last you at least 15 years. Bid adieu to pricey bottled water, forever.


Scenario #3: You Already Have a Water Softener, Why Change?

Whole house water softeners often contain additives and use chemicals to “clean” water, doing more harm than good to your supply. Softeners give you a water cost per gallon of between 12 to 23 cents, while most natural systems cost only two cents per gallon. Also, softeners do not take away the gross taste of chlorine, while natural systems do. Natural systems provide water that’s safe for pets, maintains good minerals for hair/skin health and much more.



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  1. Your tip to install a whole house filtration system to help save money on bottled water was really helpful. Being able to use the water from your home is a great idea, especially since it is more convenient. Getting a whole home filtration system is also a good idea if you are getting your water form a well.

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