February 16, 2017

15 Outdoor Games to Keep Kids Physically Active After School

It’s no secret that the average kid isn’t a big fan of school. To kids, school is a bit of a dusty, boring prison. Kids look forward to all the stuff that happens outside of school. Although we live in a world of computers at our fingertips and convenient entertainment like video games and television, we should keep kids active and try to promote outdoor activities. As effective as PE games might be, kids need exercise outside of school.

Here are some after school program ideas, games, and activities to keep kids physically active when they’re out of the classroom.

1. Sports

Baseball, football, soccer, and dozens of other after school sports are still popular with kids of all ages. Team sports are a great way for your kids to get some air and stay active. Even better, your kids will learn the importance of teamwork and good sportsmanship. Team sports are also known to raise self-confidence and self-esteem and are great for fostering kids’ social skills.

2. Community Programs

Many communities offer after school programs that encourage exercise and physical activity with groups of other kids. This could be a great way for your kids to make friends with other children outside of school.

3. Biking

If your roads are generally safe, a bike ride could be a great way to engage in physical activity. Even better, you can take the whole family for a quick ride around the neighborhood. If the roads aren’t so safe, find a nearby park or bike trail.

4. Hiking

Of course, if you don’t have a bike, going for a hike is just as good. Do some research and you should be able to find hiking trails in your area.

5. Martial Arts

Most people assume that martial arts will just promote violence. In actuality, martial arts are all about teaching discipline while engaging in some vigorous exercises.

6. Swimming

It’s summer which makes swimming the perfect physical activity. If your child is a beginner, enroll him or her in lessons. Your kids will get a great workout and learn something that could save their lives.

7. Yoga

Yoga is a new trend and is not reserved for just adults. Kids can also get in on the action to build their strength and flexibility.

8. Surfing

Surfing is a step above swimming and might just be that much more exhausting. Still, it’s tons of fun and a great way to enjoy the summer sun.

9. A Day at the Park

During those wonderfully sunny days, head to the park for a quick run or exercise session. Pack some food for a picnic afterwards.

10. Hide and Seek

It’s classic and full of dozens of different variations. Just make sure your kids stay safe. No hiding under cars.

11. Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag is most fun with a large group of players. Split the group into two teams and each team has to capture the other team’s flag. This game promises to be fun, tough, and competitive.

12. Jump Rope

This might seem a little dated but jump ropes are an effective cardiovascular exercise. You can double the fun with Double Dutch.

13. Tag

This game has even more variations than Hide and Seek and works great with large groups.

14. Marco Polo

A version of tag in the pool, Marco Polo is great for all ages. Just make sure the younger kids avoid the deep end of the pool.

15. Frisbee

When all else fails, take out the Frisbee.

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