February 16, 2017

13 Easy Ways to Deal With Excessive Sweat

Getting sweaty – especially in a hot weather or after exercise – is something normal. However, what if the sweat is excessive? You will get embarrassed, believe me. Besides causing bad odor, excessive sweat is a great habitat for fungus. You will be more embarrassed when this happens.

Deal With Excessive Sweat

Here are some tips you could use to deal with excessive sweats.


Use Deodorant and Antiperspirants

Deodorant and antiperspirants is widely sold in one product and easily to buy anywhere. Some of them require doctor prescription, especially those used for medication purpose.

Use Deodorant at the Right Time

People usually use deodorant in the morning before their daily activity. But, do you know that the right time to use deodorant is at night? If you use it in the morning then the substance contained in deodorant will be swept away and it won’t absorbed perfectly. It’s almost useless to use deodorant in the morning.

Protect Your Skin

Beside benefit stated above, using deodorant at night is also effective to protect your skin from irritation. People don’t get sweat a lot at night so they won’t use much deodorant, therefore the risk of skin irritation is out of the question. On the contrary, using deodorant in the morning before your activity tends to irritate your skin because there’s a good chance you use it again and again in the afternoon.

Use Clothing That Absorbs Sweat When Exercising

You should wear clothes made of cotton when you exercise because it absorbs sweat well.

Use Sportswear Just Once

Wash your sportswear after wearing it for your exercise. Don’t wear them again until you wash them properly. I think you know why…

Always Change Your Socks

If your feet get sweaty a lot then you must change socks as often as possible. Dirty socks is a good place for fungus to grow.

Powder Your Feet

Use powder to make your feet stay dry. Powder also reduces production of sweat.

Always Bring Handkerchief

Use a comfortable handkerchief every time you get sweaty. Don’t be embarrassed of doing it everywhere.

Don’t Wear Tight Clothes

Although you look good in tight, don’t wear it when you’re under hot weather. The tighter your clothes are, the hotter you will be and you’ll get more sweaty in the end.

Never Forget Your Underwear

I think this point is obvious. Good underwear absorbs sweat before it gets to your clothes. You will feel dry and look good at the same time.

Avoid Spicy Foods

Having spicy foods for lunch is not a wise choice unless the weather is not too hot. Combined with high temperature, spicy foods will get you sweaty a lot.

Read Clothes Label Carefully

Remember to read the label whenever you buy clothes. Always choose clothes made of cotton or anything that absorbs sweat well.

Choose Clothes Color Wisely

Using white in bright sunny day is a wise thing to do if you have sweat problem. Unlike other colors, white disguises sweat well.
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