February 15, 2017

10 Ways to Deal With Asthma Cause By Exercise

How to Deal With Asthma

Do you want to be a person with an active lifestyle?  Is your asthma hindering you from enjoying and engaging in vigorous activities and sports?  If you answered yes to these questions, you might want to check out the tips in this post to help you deal with asthma.

Having asthma should not keep you from enjoying your favorite physical activities.  Take note of the following tips to deal with your asthma attacks.

  • If you are using an inhaler or consuming medications, you might want to consume or use them about 20 minutes before engaging in any strenuous activity.  This will help you exercise for about a couple of hours without expecting any attacks soon.
  • The common symptoms of exercise-induced asthma are tightening of chest, difficulty in breathing, and wheezing during exercising.  Memorize them.  If you notice any of the symptoms, directly stop your activity or routine.  Consult your doctor about these symptoms.  He or she can prescribe you with medications.
  • Identifying the weather and temperature is helpful.  Check for pollen count as well.  Knowing these important information will help you avoid the risk of asthma attacks while exercising.  If the weather is too hot or too cold, and the pollen count is high, take a day off.  Put off exercising and save your energy for the next day.
  • The suggested exercise times are during night time or early in the morning.  Why?  The reason is that there are less pollutants and allergens at night.
  • If you have been using your inhaler for quite some time now, opt for alternative asthma treatments.  Chances are you already develop tolerance to inhalers.  Ask your doctor for alternate medication or methods.
  • Warm up before starting your rigorous exercise routine.  You can walk at an average rate for about 10 minutes.  This will aid your bronchial tubes to fine-tune itself.  In addition, it helps you avoid tightening of the chest as well.
  • If you really want to exercise despite the cold weather, you might want to use a scarf for your nose and mouth.  It might sound and look ridiculous but please do adhere to this advice.  Better yet, exercise in a place where it is warm enough.
  • Do not exercise if you have a cold, cough, or fever.  This will only worsen your situation.  I suggest that you rest well before partaking in any exercise routine.  Once you have fully recovered, you can go back to your exercise.
  • Visit your doctor regularly for more advice and treatments.  He or she can monitor your improvement or status.
  • Breathe through your nose.  If you are gasping for air, do not open your mouth no matter how hard your routine is.  The back of your throat will dry up if you open your mouth.  The asthma attack will follow after that.  Just keep your mouth shut.

Keep these tips in mind and I am sure that you will be able to participate in different physical activities in no time.  But before doing any exercise routine, please consult your doctor.

Good luck and take care!


Author’s bio: Marcy Gray likes sharing her tips and tricks, and opinion through writing. In addition, she likes to write about various topics such as Removing Skin Tags Yourself and Fat Loss 4 Idiots Diet


  1. Pete Cl says:

    I had asthma since I was born. When I was a kid I often got shortness of breath. And then I started to swim–(that’s an advice from a doctor n health professionals) And after a couple of years my asthma has gone.
    And when I was young (It’s about when I was in highschool) I learn the art of breathing.
    That made my body stronger.
    But I think asthma can’t really cure until 100%. It depens on how the way we live, our lifestyle. And now when I write here I’m 30 years old (not swimming anymore or practicing the art of breathing), smoking and sometime I don’t have much sleep–that’s making my old asthma relapses(sometime).
    Btw, nice to share here

    • Hi Pete,
      I have asthma when I was young too so I was encouraged by my mom to be active in sports.

      Glad to hear that exercising worked for you in your early years. Good luck and take care!

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